california tattoos
california tattoos
Together, We Ink Stories At our studio, tattoos aren’t just about ink on skin; they're about passion, vision, and transformation. With James's maritime musings, Alara's visionary leadership, and Eric's design dynamism, we've formed a tapestry of talents. Each of us brings a unique flair to the table, ensuring every client walks away with a masterpiece they cherish. Join us in our journey, and let’s ink tales that last a lifetime.

Meet Our Team

James "Jolly" Rogers

Tattoo Artist

James "Jolly" Rogers: Master of the Inked Seas James, fondly known as "Jolly" Rogers, isn’t just any tattoo artist; he's a maestro who crafts dreams on skin. Drawing from his maritime adventures and a deep love for the sea, James infuses every tattoo with tales of brine, salt, and distant horizons. Having traveled the world, his designs tell stories of shipwrecks, mermaids, and legendary sea creatures. A seafarer at heart and a tattooist by passion, Jolly's inked wonders are a testament to his wanderlust spirit.

Alara Knowles


Alara Knowles: The Visionary Beacon Alara Knowles isn’t just the founder of this esteemed studio; she’s its very soul. Her vision was to create a space where art transcends the ordinary and becomes a personal journey. A lover of the abstract and the avant-garde, Alara's passion lies in crafting designs that push boundaries while echoing the essence of the individual. Her drive and dedication have been instrumental in bringing together a team that’s as diverse as the tattoos they craft. For Alara, every tattoo is a collaboration between the artist, the canvas, and the ink.

Eric Payn

Tattoo Designer

Eric Payn: The Design Dynamo Meet Eric Payn, the genius who marries traditional tattoo motifs with contemporary design aesthetics. Eric's journey began in the urban landscapes of street art, gradually evolving into the delicate art of tattooing. His dual expertise allows him to create pieces that are as bold as graffiti murals and as intricate as fine lace. Eric believes in the transformative power of ink, ensuring that every piece he crafts not only looks beautiful but also resonates deeply with the one wearing it.

Working Hours

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11:00 - 23:00 Hrs

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california tattoos